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Retail Display Ideas,shelf with hooks

Mr.chen 2015-10-14 clicks Comments

Merchandising Display Ideas for a Retail Store

If you own your own retail store or work in a retail chain store, use merchandising display ideas to build better displays....

Everything in your retail displays needs to be thought out and planned to maximize its effectiveness. Your store needs an overriding theme that dictates how the store is laid out and how the decor will look. That theme could be a very formal-looking retail floor, or it could be something more creative such as a toy store with a whimsical theme. Whatever theme you choose, the store needs to follow that theme throughout.

Your store layout and retail displays need to flow so that customers can easily find what they are looking for. Put all of your clothing in one part of the store, the hardware and tools in another, and then your automotive products in a different section. Help the customer find what she is looking for with a layout that makes sense, and she will be more inclined to make your store her regular source.

Effective window displays can be valuable ways to drive traffic into your store. Make sure your window displays are lit when the store is open and when it is closed, so that the rest of the store can be seen behind the display. You want to catch the customer's attention with the display and then get him interested in the rest of your store by enabling him to see what you have to offer. Window displays need to be dynamic in order catch people's interest. Change your window displays at least once a week to offer variety and give the same people a reason to stop and look. Make sure that the smaller merchandise is raised to the eye level of people walking by.
A retail display should be more than just a rack to hang products on; it should be something that helps to sell the products. A retail display must appeal to the public and should be void of the store owner's personal preference in order to be an effective selling tool.

A good retail store needs to have two elements--an inviting entrance and a coherent flow to the retail displays. Create an entrance that entices people to want to come into your store by either putting up posters of pricing specials or putting the more popular products on display at the entrance. Experiment with the elements that draw the most traffic, and use those elements frequently.


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